Counter Strike Global Offnsive [Nomtk V3_21 Hack]

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Counter Strike Global Offnsive [Nomtk V3_21 Hack]

Post by BaMBAboY on Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:54 pm

Highlight of this version: added some stuff for the legit crowd. also released right after the VAC wave so that you addicts can have their fix.

- GlowESP (wallhack) - teammates (green), enemies (red)
- Radarhack
- No flash hack
- Aimbot - works with automatic weapons expect for the CZ-75, based on Puddin Poppin's code. the default option is not subtle, tho, so watch out
- Aimlock - selects the enemy closest to your crosshair and locks onto him. Works well with any weapon, especially the deagle and snipers =) flusha style, eh...

- Left ALT - hold LALT to lock onto an enemy's head
- SPACE - hold SPACE to use bunny hop

- F7 - toggle aimbot
- SHIFT+F7 - toggle aimbot mode (rage/legit)
- F8 - toggle aimlock
- SHIFT+F8 - toggle aimlock target (head/chest)
- F9 - toggle GlowESP
- F10 - toggle no flash hack
- F11 - toggle bunny hop

If there's a conflict with your in-game binds, just change your binds or alt-tab if you want to reconfigure the cheat.

- works in fullscreen and windowed modes
- radarhack can't be turned off
- disable your antivirus or add an exception if it detects this cheat as a virus. The mods who approve the file manually scan the file to make sure it's clean so you don't have to worry
- if you can't launch the cheat, make sure you have Visual C++ Redist 2013 x86
- Windows XP is not supported. Upgrade your OS if possible

- even though this is VAC undetected at the time of posting to the best of my knowledge and should remain so for a while, cheating blatantly in competitive will get you Overwatch banned. Don't overdo it! Casual/Demolition/Deathmatch/Arms Race/Community servers/FaceIT aren't Overwatched, so you can go crazy there =)
- if you've been banned, make sure it isn't OW and you haven't used other cheats lately so that you don't confuse other users

Virus scans:
Virustotal (2/55 as of now)
Jotti (0/22 as of now)

Puddin Poppin
a whole lot of other community members

changes from v3.0 to v4.0:
- added legit mode to the aimbot (by popular demand)
- added the option to lock onto an enemy's chest instead of his head
- added bunny hop
- as always, a brand new signature to confuse VAC

gl hf.



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